8GB Data Traveler 100 USB 2.0 Flash Drive @ TOPBUY Steal of the day for $49.95

26 March 2008

DataTraveler 100 was built with simplicity in mind, allowing you to focus on your data. The USB connector is safely housed inside the sleek case. DataTraveler 100 is available in capacities up to 8GB* to give you plenty of room to hold just about any digital file.

*Some of the listed capacity is used for formatting and other functions and is not available for storage. For more information, go to Kingstons Flash Memory Guide
at kingston.com/Flash_Memory_Guide.


USB 2.0 compliant and 1.1 compatible

Compatibility Table
Operating System File Transfer
Windows Vista** Yes
Win XP (SP1 and above) Yes
Win 2000 (SP4 and above) Yes
Mac (10.x and above) Yes
Linux (2.4 and above) Yes

**Windows ReadyBoost not supported


  • admin EDITOR
    The MSY price of $38 for the rundisk 8 GB would be a better buy in my humble opinion yovi.
  • Wally
    I think the extra $ are prolly worth it to avoid having to expose my eyeballs to that M S Y website let alone navigate it!! :eek: :geek: :thinking: :D
  • admin EDITOR
    :D - no other word for it apart from crap really. I give credit to them for their prices but jeeze I wish they'd do something about that site. Gives online merchants a bad name.

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