850Watt portable generator $119 @ Aldi from Thursday 6th March

29 February 2008

Get down to your local store early on the day if you want one of these.

Air cooled, 2 stroke motor
12V DC Outlet, 240V AC Outlet
4.2L Fuel tank, 5.9-6.3 hours continuous operation
Recoil ignition system
Quiet operation
Includes funnel, battery charging cable, measuring cup, and spark plug spanner

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  • ozpete
    Bought a similar wattage unit from Bunnings about three years ago ($99) so check there as well. - as Aldi can sell out quickly. But the point I want to make , is that 8 months ago we lost power for 4 days and this unit powered our fridge TV and a couple of lights for the whole 4 days. (The fridge is a newer model - 3 years old so more power efficient than those of 10 years ago) Also the 850 Watts will be "startup wattage" or "peak" more likely to be only 750 Watts for continuous usage The food saved was worth more than 3 times this units price

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