750GB WD Caviar Green External HD USB and eSATA $119.85+$13.95 shipping @ Zazz today

1 June 2009

Comes with a 3yr warranty, ok so you can get a 1TB ext drive for just a bit more than this money so this may not be for everyone, it is Philips a branded enclosure and a WD drive, retail boxed and comes (if your in time) with Dual Port eSATA Bracket + eSATA cable (Valued at $12)


  • sandgroper
    http://www.zazz.com.au/Uploads/es.jpg Bonus: We will be offering Dual Port eSATA Bracket + eSATA cable (Valued at $12) We have a few dozen of these, and will be including them as a freebie for 'early birds' until stock is gone! http://www.zazz.com.au/images/products/750GB_WD_Caviar_Green_External_HD_image32712.jpg
  • fishmonkey
    for those who don't know, eSATA will give you transfer speeds 3 to 4 times faster than USB...

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