$700 gift card when purchasing a Sony Bravia from David Jones

27 July 2009

I cant find a huge amount of info on this off the david jones site but its in their most recent newsletter. I imagine its limited to certain models, but if your in the market for a telly and DJ's is on your radar it'll be worth finding out about. Promotion runs until the 9th of Aug.


  • nod
    Be a good idea to ask the dj sales staff about the models this includes and then find the one you want cheaper elsewhere. This is a bit of a given with dj's as they tend to be quite expensive. Then use the price guarantee - ie dj will match the price
  • fairybelle
    Do you think you could use the Store card with interest free?? to get the $700 voucher?
  • nod
    Mmmm not sure. I would think not but best to go into a DJ's and find out
  • scheps
    you reckon they would let you do that? price match then 700 gift card? otherwise wont be worth getting it from dj i reckon..
  • fishmonkey
    the gift card deal also appears in the bottom right-hand corner of this clearance catalogue, which mentions one TV as an example: http://www.davidjones.com.au/images/catalogues/clearance_final.pdf it seems very unlikely that DJs would do a price match and then offer you an extra $700 on top of that... actually the Sony KDL40WE5 mentioned on that clearance thingy isn't a bad deal at $700 off (assuming that you want a DJs gift card, and you manage to use it to buy something else at a good price too...)
  • admin EDITOR
    anyone know where there's a decent DJ's catalog online - cant seem to find one to have a troll through the tellies to see what the prices would be like with the effective $700 discount this gives you.

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