6 months at half price 'Unwired' internet

20 March 2007

Until the 23rd of March (you need to be quick), you can get 6 months of Unwired internet cover at half price when you sign up to an 18 month contract. Unfortunately Unwired are only available in Melbourne and Sydney.
You also need to have a broadband plan. The cheapest monthly broadband plan available is $29.95.
And you need to purchase a wireless modem - about $189
I can't wait for this to be available all over Oz.


  • nod
    An unwired modem is available from Harris Technology for $189 which includes one month free connection and you get 2.25% cashback from Buckscoop http://www.ht.com.au/part/U5382/detail.hts
  • admin EDITOR
    I love the concept - I just wonder how the coverage stands up. Bring on wide scale high speed piggybacking on mobile networks I say (but otherwise - nice deal)

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