500GB Western Digital MY-BOOK Premium USB2.0 7200RPM 16MB Cache $ 241

12 April 2007

3-years warranty
48c per gb

For specs:


  • nod
    :D Thanks for the post. The site is set up so that any member can post in any area and of course comment on posts. We look forward to the other deals ;)
  • Emma EDITOR
    Nice post ashley7070 :) It's not hard once you've done a few deals!
  • wheadle
    Nice one AShley good price you found there cheers
  • jumpingjack
    I think this is the ESSENTIAL not the PREMIUM... the Premium has dual USB/Firewire interface I believe?
  • admin EDITOR
    yea - premium was $269. There is also quite a difference between the 8mb cache and the 16 ...
  • nod
    Took the plunge and bought one - thanks for finding this one Ashley7070
  • pow a.
    Western Digital are my favourite brand for hard drive and these My Book's are very popular too :) Thanks ashley7070 ;)

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