5 Pack 128MB USB Flash Drives $29+P&H

21 February 2008

5 Pack 128MB USB Flash Drives

Comes with a free lanyard and is packaged in a rather attractive box.

You do not have to be a student to purchase this item!

Hurry, only while stocks last!

Perfect for home or office. Great for university students or just anyone
who uses computers in public access areas.

Great for transferring files between computers!

Very small, simple to use and extremely portable!

* USB 2.0 / 1.1 interface, need no power supply
* Support full-speed (1.2Mb/s)
* No driver needed for Windows 2000/ME/XP and Mac OS 9.0 or higher -
* Provide LED indicator when USB Flash Disk is working
* Support USB-HDD & USB-ZIP boot
* Storage life:>10 years
* Hot Plug and Play - enable you to install USB Flash Disk at anytime
* Memory size: 128MB

Add around $9.85 for freight.

Cheapest elsewhere is:
(plus freight).

That's $7.77ea for 5 units delivered...


  • ozpete
    128MB?????? X5 ????? why? To see if you can daisy chain them to get 600MB+ Aren't these really give away items rather than $7.77 each
  • holdenmg
    They are great in a school for students to take work to and from. Any larger drive and they start copying stuff (programs). If you want to put 4 on a USB Hub you can do that too. No, they are not giving them away (yet) but they do come in fashionable Ansett orange.
  • nod
    They are great in a school for students to take work to and from.
    I had not thought about this - great idea :)

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