5.1 Surround Sound Amplified Speaker System, $59.95 @ Jaycar Electronics

8 August 2009

no idea about the sound quality, but this is very cheap for a small surround sound system...

Compact, stylish and functional. This 5.1 speaker system will accept an analogue 5.1 (decoded AC-3) signal and distribute it to the front & rear satellite speakers to produce a wonderfully presented sound stage. A high excursion 4.5" woofer is mounted in a vented enclosure. The magnetically screened satellite speakers will faithfully reproduce the higher frequencies and can be wall mounted if desired. The system includes a wireless remote control with volume, bass level, and fader controls. All wiring is supplied, including the AC-3 adaptor cables. Perfect for creating an impressive PC gaming space or as a compact home theatre system. Mains powered.

Total system power output 55WRMS
Sub-woofer dia 4.5"
Satellite speaker dia 3"
Bass cabinet size 200(W) x 200(H) x 215(D)mm
Satellite speaker size 85(W) x 85(H) x 85(D)mm

1+ $59.95
4+ $53.95
10+ $47.90

buy in store, otherwise cheapest shipping option is $6.60 Australia-wide...


  • frogduck
    Hmm, judging from that total system power output, I can't imagine these being a great home theatre type system, however that is a really cheap price! just for a comparison, my logitech g51 set of speakers for my pc has a power output of 155w rms, but then again these are about 1/3 of the price too :P
  • fishmonkey
    it's very hard to know without actually trying them out... power output figures are notoriously unreliable, and in fact in most cases practically meaningless... Jaycar are very good at exchanges and refunds in my experience though...
  • frogduck
    Ah, yeah thats true, but in terms of an output, that one is quite low. But seeing as you say they're good with exchanges and refunds, no harm in trying the speakers :)
  • fishmonkey
    yep, hard to know without trying them... maybe they are being more honest with their power output figures than most manufacturers, who knows? also, raw power is one thing, but distortion levels are much more important... lotsa power isn't of much use if the distortion levels of the amplifier are crap, or the speakers can't actually handle the power without distorting, which is very common with cheaper sound systems...

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