4Gb Kingston Data Traveller USB Key Thumb Drive $19 @ netplus for OCAU members

3 March 2008

4Gb 4096Mb Kingston Data Traveller USB Key Thumb Drive with free delivery via the OCAU forums its not a bad price.

To get free delivery sign up to OCAU forums and use the code OCAUDELIVERY plus your ocau user name.


  • ScarletRubies
    May not be as fast as my new SD card, but I still reckon this is more than "not bad" pricing!
  • sab988
    i added the discount vouchers for you :eek:
  • bigal
    I bought the same usb flash drive last month from Harvey Normans for $42 but when the vouchers from dstore came up I returned it to get me the 2GB for $10 after the 2 $10 vouchers. But I reackon this is worth a hot vote... will see if i can convince the missus that I need to buy this as well LOL... the 2GB still hasnt been used.
  • sandgroper
    Now down to just $22 nice...
  • Keeys
    I don't really need one this size but I might get this one and give my old small 512mb one to son for school ;)
  • Gallifrey
    I have never had the need for one of these yet, or maybe I just don't know what is possible! Do I need one? That is the question!
  • Keeys
    can someone tell me how I get the free postage code to work..mine keeps coming up with $20 delivery :(
  • bigal
    i think you have to give them your ocau forum's name and they will discount the freight manually? i have never bought from them before.
  • Keeys
    I've not bought from them before either, Thanks for helping out :)
  • lilpretzel
    Down to $19.00 :)
  • spodosaurus
    It's a pretty average price, even for WA. If you pay online you can get them for $17 at Austin (I'd rather pay $2 more and buy form netplus though, Austin still hasn't found its way back into my good books) and they're also $19 at PLE. Over east they can be had for about 50% less. That said, I own two 4GB, one 2GB, and one 8GB Kingston DT drives and I am very pleased with them for such an inexpensive price! Note: Please do not use the free shipping for small things like this. The free shipping is for OCAU members (overclockers.com.au forums) and Netplus has repeatedly asked people not to abuse their free shipping with tiny items. Recently they've been saying that if this continues they're going to discontinue their free shipping. Please consider others before doing this, as many of us over at the OCAU forums don't want to have this offer to OCAU members withdrawn because of abuse.

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