4-in-1 Full Range FM Transmitter MP3 Player with IR Remote $15 delivered @ dealextreme

31 March 2008

Deal extreme at Hong Kong based and prices are in USD with free delivery, I have used them before and found them reliable with kit arriving in around 5 days.

Ideal low value MP3 player solution for when in the car, tune your radio to one of the persets, load your sd card with your fav tunes andyour away (cigar lighter socket needed)
No worries with leaving your expensive Ipod in the motor.

4-in-1 Full Range FM Transmitter MP3 Player with IR Remote (SD/MMC/MP3/USB/3.5mm) $13.73 USD

- 206 Preset FM Channels
- Takes SD/MMC?/MP3/USB/3.5mm Line In for Other AUDIO DEVICES
- Plays MP3/WMA files
- Blue backlight
- InfraRed IR Remote Controller included


  • sandgroper
    http://www.dealextreme.com/productimages/sku_11218_3.jpg http://www.dealextreme.com/productimages/sku_11218_4.jpg
  • scatman00
    5 days.... lucky man. With around 30 orders to date, my average is around 3 weeks :eek:
  • sandgroper
    They must put yours on a slow boat to China :confused:
  • MamaK
    My orders took ages too, what do you think of the deal extreme quality? I'm not sure the stuff I have is even worth the low price
  • Keeys
    I've been happy with my items but agree with about 30 days delivery. I buy the cheapo earphones for the kids, they are forever loosing or breaking them I now but them in bulk. I've also bought other junkie stuff. I've known they are cheap crap when I've bought so am ok with the quality. I guess its like most things you get what you pay for ;)
  • sandgroper
    I have used them for adaptor cables like parallel to usb and serial to usb and found the quality acceptable for the price paid. Its cheap kit at low prices, if it does the job intended thats fine with me

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