320GB SEAGATE SATAII-3gb/s NCQ HDD (16MB, 7200.10rpm $99

10 May 2007

Not a bad price on this drive. Its on the lowest end of the market but its not wow bargain basement.

SATA 3Gb/s interface
Perpendicular recording technology for maximum drive capacity and reliability
16-MB cache buffer
Ultra-fast performance
Superb reliability
Whisper-quiet operation
Enhanced G-Force Protection against handling damage
78 MB/s maximum sustained data transfer rate
Clean Sweep calibration and Directed Offline scan diagnostics
RoHS (restriction of hazardous substances) compliant
5-year warranty


  • nod
    LOL the challenge is set :D
  • sandgroper
    Now dropped to $104 well every buck helps!
  • nod
    Great! Thanks for keeping an eye on the price Sandgroper :D Always better in our pockets... not that you get much for a dollar :)
  • admin EDITOR
    sandgroper - I thought the 7200 spin drives were stupidly expensive? This is a good bargain. Might cross post it to that thread on the hard drive caddy - for anyone whos interested.
  • admin EDITOR
    16/07 - I've edited this deal posting as the price has come down again to $99 (as opposed to $105)

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