$300 cashback on any Toshiba Notebook or Ultrabook $990 or over at Harvey Norman

10 January 2013

Usually its the manufacturer doing the cashback promo but obviously Harvey Norman has negotiated with Toshiba so that they front it. Guarantee its Toshiba backed.

Deal is that if you buy any Toshiba Notebook or Ultrabook from Harvey Norman, in stock and worth over $990, between 10th Jan and 21st Jan, they'll give you $300 cashback on it by redemption.

Redemption is via the given address and must be done before 28th feb.


  • sophie277
    Purchased a Toshiba notebook, in stock, from Harvey Norman over $990 on 20 Jan 2013. Sent redemption form and copy invoice immediately. It is 5 March 2013 (over the 6 week time to receive cashback) and no cashback received. Emailed number on form but no answer received. Spoke to Manager of Harvey Norman, Bundall Qld who advised to give them more time. Think it is a scam. Any other customers not received cashback? Ann, Queensland
  • admin EDITOR
    I woudn't assume its a scam - I'd just push them harder and remind them of the terms and conditions of the offer. If they dont deliver threaten to report the issue to fair trading and advertising standards. That'll no doubt get them moving.
  • Alice1992
    Hey Saphie277, Its 8 weeks today since my mum sent her form in we are trying to chase it up today but with difficulty. Toshiba are saying its Harvey normans promoshion have you herd anything since?
  • Zeni
    I bought my laptop in Jan 2013. Sent away $300 redemption form to Toshiba Cashback Promotion. Sent a reminder e-mail in April to say I haven't received a cheque back yet, but the reply was that it was nothing to do with them... that it was a promotion by the Rockhampton store and to see them. Saw them 23rd April. They said they do not give out cash and the office I sent the form to should have dealt with it. What a shamble! Surely a big firm like Harvey Norman should have this deal sorted with the home office and save me and others, (I've since found out), all the hassle and frustration. Come on.... you are supposed to look after your customers! Zeni.

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