30" Dell Monitor - $1199 from Dell Small Business

9 February 2011

The 3011 monitor is the top of the line Dell monitor.

It normally sells for between $1599 and $1899, but until Thursday midnight it is only $1199 from Dell Small Business.

EPP and many other discount coupons will not work because this is dell small business, not home/home office.

However Buckscoop cashback should work.

Also Sandgroper or someone else might know of a small business discount code?

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  • queenshrew
    I think it states that you get 5% discount with Dell Small Business, so I assume it should be able to get cashback if you click through and purchase using the link... http://www.buckscoop.com.au/cashback/dell-small-business Once you get there, select Deals>Prosperity Sale This item came up as $1196.37 for me (plus 5% buckscoop cashback)

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