$299 Xbox 360 Arcade PLUS Guitar Hero 3 bundle @ EB Games

19 December 2008

Great little package offer when you consider the Xbox 360 usually retails for around $290-300 and the Guitar Hero 3 bundle is around $130-150

You can pick up the Xbox 360 arcade at DSE at the moment for $238 which is a really good price if you did not want to get the guitar hero bundle


  • nod
    http://buckscooper.googlepages.com/Picture18.png Check out this ]Cnet article for a bit more info on the Xbox 360 arcade
  • queenshrew
    Wow that's a nice price with the guitar thrown in!! Not sure we would need a Xbox. We have a PS3 and a wii.. having an xbox would be system overload lol But really tempted at this price!!! Wonder how much more for the xbox pro system with memory... hrm.. Think someone posted a deal somewhere here previously!
  • nod
    Mcmutt posted an ]EB Games offer for $399 plus 4 games
  • lilpretzel
    [FONT=Verdana]You can never have too many :p I grabbed the Xbox 360 Elite last year when toys r us had that $200 voucher offer[/FONT], the girls love guitar hero on the xbox :xmas9:
  • queenshrew
    We have the Nintendo DS Lite too! hehe And my daughter's too young to play any of the games. She only plays the wii fit with me when I'm jogging (as my companion). She also loves to imitate me when I do aerobics.. it's soooo cute! Only thing I like about the xbox which the others don't really support is the Xbox Live feature :D That looks like fun!!!

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