$29 rebates on certain Acer 22" monitors for July - click here for form!

8 July 2007

Not a massive amount, but worth it if you are buying one of these monitors anyway. If you buy either the AL2223WD or the AL2216WD 22'' Acer LCD Monitors, you can get a $29 cashback by completing the attached mail-in-rebate. Better $29 in your pocket than in Acer's!!

Seems simple enough - all you do is register online, print out the form, copy the tax invoice and mail into them within 14 days of your purchase. Have a good read of the full T&Cs through the link before you do so though. (Expires end of July)


  • nod
    Best price I can find for the AL2216WD is $365 at Umart and Shoppingsquare
  • Emma EDITOR
    Best price I can find for the AL2216WD is $365 at Umart and Shoppingsquare
    Fairly good. But one thing that I am always wary of with this rebate forms is that they always include the line "from authorised acer retailers " and there is nowhere to tell you which merchants are included in that category. If you're in any doubt, I'd give them a call at the helpline number on the form.
  • nod
    Very good point Jayne. You should always ensure you are purchasing from the right place - I am sure Shoppingsquare are an authorised dealer
  • admin EDITOR
    Jayne - my take on this is that rule of thumb the only places that are likely to be 'authorised' is in the Acer Distributor list that you get from the link off this page http://www.shopacer.com.au But having said that there are two possible offers that come out of acer. There was the one the other day on the 3267WMXI or whatever it was and that specified that the rebate was available to anyone purchasing the unit from an australian retailer - no 'authorised' restriction there. The best thing is that if there is any doubt as to eligibility of the merchant - send them an email or as Jayne says email Acer to ask. I'd be careful with shoppingsquare. They are actually a third party re-seller more than a direct agent and they dont turn up in the Acer distributor list.

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