24" Widescreen monitor $1099 delivered

24 November 2006

The $1099 includes the $300 price reduction. This is not a screaming bargain but still a good price. HP are around $1300 and ACER around $1200.
Dell say "Super High-end Wide Screen Flat Panel monitor with Digital DVI-D (HDCP)/Analog/ S video/ Composite/Component inputs"

I think this is better than the entertainment package they are offering on the other 24"- but you do get 5 year warranty.
You also qualify for Buckscoop cashback with Dell, thus reducing the price again.


  • jumpingjack
    5 yr warranty is a big plus I think. Dell have a very good rep with these screens and at $1099 I think it's a good price, plus some cashback right?
  • nod
    Yeah they do have a good reputation and you receive 0.75% cashback from Dell if you login and purchase thru Buckscoop

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