20" Apple Imac $1699 at Harris Technology

12 March 2007

The unit is ex demo, but they say nothing is missing, it is boxed but only has a few finger marks. The unit is about $1830 elsewhere so if you dont mind the finger marks this is not a bad price. BUT there is only one unit left and you need to pick it up from Hawthorn Business Centre VIC.

Ex Demo: Apple iMac Intel Core Duo 20"/2.0GHz/512MB/250GB/Su

Cashback from Buckscoop drops the price to about $1665


  • nod
    http://www.ht.com.au/attach/Images/_3ACDE43F-ADF1-4D3B-A054-3EBB453DF354_thm.jpg hhhmmm was meant to be a bigger picture
  • schlemster
    yeah nod how do ya get the pictures there?
  • nod
    Schlemster, to post a big picture in a comment, when you come to the page to post a reply click on the yellow postcard icon (the one with mountains) and it is supposed to work. Though today as you can see something went wrong :eek:
  • admin EDITOR
    was the original picture that size or larger ?
  • nod
    I just think the picture was small :)

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