1TB Western Digital External Drive $177 @ OfficeWorks

3 January 2009

1TB Western Digital Elements External Drive (not usb powered) for $177 at OfficeWorks. This is, so far, the best price I've found in Australia.

Note: Harvey Norman has a sale going on that comes close, but you can never tell if you're going to get a Maxtor (blech) when you go into the store or a WD drive. When they have both, they may only put the Maxtor (yick) on sale and jack up the price of the WD to $249 - for example, HN in Perth (city store, also charging more for just about everything else, including higher sale prices).


  • lilpretzel
    Nice! Don't forget you can buy online and get Free Shipping but a nominal handling fee of $4.95 applies to all orders. :)
  • admin EDITOR
    Just changed the link for you spodosourus - the officeworks site doesnt let you deep link into the site - they use a cookie that expires. The deal is on the front page for anyone going there.
  • admin EDITOR
    Am a bit confused as to the external power requirement on this drive. The WD 400 gig elements for example is USB powered so I would have thought that this would be as well. Might do some digging. Ahhh - I was looking at the 2.5" elements. These are the 3.5's and do have an external AC adapter. They dont actually say what type of drive is in it but I imagine its a 7200 spin SATA Good price BTW - hot from me.
  • spodosaurus
    You won't be seeing 2.5" 1TB drives for a while (some manufacturer's are using 2x500GB 2.5" drives) so all these 1TB drives are going to be 3.5" models and will almost certainly require a plug pack to run. On a related note, the WD elements 160GB drive that I picked up at HN Cannington for $88 requires power from only 1 USB port (not a usb hub, remember this folks, these drives need to be plugged directly into the PCs usb ports unless you have a powered hub). It's a nice touch that the 160GB 2.5" device can run on under 500mA current!

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