1TB external back up drive USB2 & eSATA $159.95 + $15.95 ship @ Zazz Today

30 April 2009

1,000GB External Back Up Drive
32MB Cache, SATA II HDD, 7200rpm, 3.0Gbps
Astone 3.5 SATA to USB2.0 + eSATA External HDD

What you get is an Astone enclosure with a Samsung 1TB drive installed and tested.

Samsung drive warranty 3yrs

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  • fishmonkey
    unfortunately the Samsung Spinpoint F1 (HD103UJ) hard drives in these enclosures have a bit of a chequered reputation on the internet... extra unfortunately since i took the risk and bought one anyway this week (just the drive, from Mwave, got tempted by the free OCZ flash drive), and managed to get a dodgy one... that makes 2 bad new hard drives in one week... on the bright side, Samsung are very cheery about exchanges... however it's once bitten twice shy for me on these drives, so i'm going for the refund and a different brand/model drive...

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