1GB USB $8 at Harvey Norman

13 May 2008

Not bad for 8 bucks and of course you don't need to pay shipping you just need to get down to your nearest HN

Look Bigal.. another deal ;-)

Page 6 of the catalogue


  • nod
  • fairybelle
    Thats a pretty Cheap buy there Nod
  • bigal
    *shock* *horror* OMG, its true!! there's a reason to visit HN after all :D haha ... although $8 is not the cheapest for a 1GB key, its now at a pricepoint that its all good value :D
  • craftykiwi
    The pink ones look like the ones they had on special for $5 on Harvey Norman's special Saturday so for $3 extra no need to get up at 6am to pick one up!!! Assuming they have a reasonable quantity in stock.

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