1GB Lexar Flash Drive + 3 Issues PC World Magazine - just $25 + cashback

4 August 2007

PC World Magazine have an offer at the moment where you can 3 issues of the magazine PLUS a bonus 1GB Lexar USB Drive for just $25 + 5.25% cashback from Isubscribe. (1GB USB for the first 1000 people to subscribe).

Don't worry if you're not one of the first 1000, because you'll still get a bonus 512mb Lexar USB Drive as long as you subscribe before the 5th September 2007.

See the link to the right, and the image below for further details on the offer.


  • Brad
  • Brad
    Many thanks to Stilted for showing us how we can also get cashback with this deal!
  • nod
    Big hot from me :) Thanks guys, great work
  • Emma EDITOR
    This deal should be even hotted now with the cashback!!
  • enthusiast
    Anyone know if they've got 1,000 subcribers yet? How long has the offer been open for? Thanks for finding this :-)
  • Brad
    Not sure enthusiast, but I wouldn't imagine they have got 1000 subscribers just yet. Remember you still have the security of the 512mb to fall back on. ;)
  • enthusiast
    Well I've subscribed... I needed another USB drive (preferably 1gb!) and it might be interesting to read some of the latest reviews in an actual CD mag again! Good value. Thanks team :-)
  • Brad
    I'm glad we saved you some cash. :)
  • admin EDITOR
    Nice little deal Brad. The 1 gig drive is worth the best part of the $25 in any case.
  • nod
    for those that subscribed, anyone got their USB drive yet?

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