$19.90 Arista 8 Port Powerboard (Individual Switches, Surge, USB, LAN ports) @eSold

26 July 2012

Shipping is $6.95 each
or capped at $9.95 no matter how many you buy.

Great price for an 8 port powerboard with individual switches!

I own 4 of these powerboards (they all look slightly different) - all from Arista and they have worked great. I bought them through different periods of time. The oldest one is over 3 years old. I remembered paying $39.95 for my first one.

Obviously they are now cheaper due to the Aussie dollar.

However, $19.90 is one of the best price I have seen. This is because this powerboard has individual switches. I saw similar ones (other brands) selling at retail stores for up to $79

What do you think?

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