$15 for 50 pack HP DVD-R 16x @Harvey Norman

21 November 2007

$15 for 50 HP pack DVD-R 16x @Harvey Norman


  • geo78
    anywhere else - cheapest $20 + delivery
  • nod
    time to stock up :)
  • tlaing
    Don't forget that Officeworks price matches!! I didn't feel like driving across town to Harvey Norman, so I just walked 10 mins to my local officeworks with a print-off of the PDF and they pricematched with no hassles..
  • admin EDITOR
    did they now - good to know tlaing. Thanks.
  • Bargrin
    good to hear about the price match. I went to two HN but both did not have stock and instead were selling a 50pk of LASER brand as a replacment but charging $17!!! Will now go to Officework and get the price match.

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