100 Pack TDK Gold DVD-R @ Officeworks - $29.95

1 April 2008

Look under Clearance, then Blank media.

$10 cheaper than anyone on StaticIce and you can order online. So you might wanna be Quick!

TDK DVD-R Gold 16x Discs Promo Pk/100
Product No. TDDVDM100P

4.7GB Gold DVD Discs offering supreme performance and reliability.

* Certified to a speed of 16x, the highest and final speed available in DVD.

* For data storage and video recording.

* Write-once DVD, so your data, photos or movies can never be erased.

* Compatible with a wide range of DVD Drives and Players.

* 100 Pack Spindle complete with handle.


  • Wally
    That posted deal is for 25 for $10 at Harvey Normans!
  • geo78
    please see the comment in the link i posted earlier... i quote: "dvd-r are very cheap now: Officeworks has packs of 100 Memorex 16x (in the catalogue until 7 April, last page) and 100 TDK 16x (online - under Tech Clearance) for $29.95."
  • Wally
    Well I didnt even look at that thread as it didn't seem like any sort of value let alone I might have blinked and missed your comment :D I felt this TDK 100 DVD-R deal worthy to be made a post and as such standout in the forum listings for an interested purchaser to easily notice! Suppose the Mods will have the last say - but I reckon if you see what you feel is a Bargain ... then Post it as a Deal not as a comment.
  • jezzamine
    Great bargain, thanks Wally.
  • lilpretzel
    Great price Wally, just wished they were printable. :)

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