$100 off Dell 24" widescreen monitor PLUS 3% Buckscoop cashback NOW $389

9 March 2009

E-value code: S14248WAU

Dell have dropped $100 off the mid range 24" monitor.
Specs off the site:
"**Maximum Resolution 1920 x 1200
**Brightness: 400 cd/m2 (typical)
**Response time: 5 ms (typical)
**Connectivity: Digital Visual Interface - Digital (DVI-D) with High Definition Content Protection (HDCP)
Video Graphics Array (VGA)
** 3 year warranty - next business day advanced"

If you qualify for the NRMA or EPP discount then that is even better. You will of course not then receive your 3% on top of that

We can't deep link too well with dell so you the ecode to locate the monitor


  • bigal
    And its $350.08 if you are eligible for the 10% discount offered to EPP or NRMA/RACV members
  • eggles
    ]EPP For those eligible
  • sum1
    I wonder how this compares to the $375 viewsonic we had ]recently?
  • jdstacey
    Dell monitors are actually quite good and come with excellent manufacturer's warranties. This particular monitor is low-end for a 24 incher and notably does not come with HDMI. The 2409W is probably slightly better. I'm about to buy a new computer system including a monitor and I've heard really good things about the BenQ G2400WD (not quite the same model as the one posted earlier). You can pick one of these up for about $320. [url]www.staticice.com.au[/url] is a great comparison site for anyone buying computer equipment. Just my $0.02, of course. :)

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