$100 Mail in Rebate @ Toshiba.

20 February 2007

Through until the 31 March Toshiba have a 100 buck mail in rebate offer on the following laptops and bits (follow this link for the rebate form)

Satellite L30 (Model Numbers: PSL30A-00100E, PSL33A-00800F and PSL33A-02P10F)
Satellite A100 (Model Numbers: PSAA8AA-19Y03Q, PSAA8AA-1C003Q and PSAARA-054007)
Satellite A120 (Model Numbers: PSAC0A-00D002, PSAC1A-073004 and PSAC1A-045005)
Satellite M100 (Model Numbers: PSMAAA-01M006, PSMAAA-020006 and PSMAAA-022006)
Gigashot (GSC-R30AU and GSC-R60AU)
And a number of the projector parts and models.

The mail in rebate is only available when you purchase from an 'authorised toshiba reseller'. This means if your going buying one of these just check they're an authorised reseller (examples - Harven Norman, Myer, Power House, Radio Rentals, Harris Technology ........ )

If your able to find an online retailer that we have listed in the stores section then your going to be able to double up and get the offline mail in rebate from Toshiba PLUS the online automated one from the merchant you make the purchase through.

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