10% off any VOIP & Cordless phone, D-Link switch or Microsoft Office suite @ Harris Technology

1 May 2007

This is the new Harris Techonology promotion for the month of May. They always have a selected few areas with 10% off every month, and this month they have cordless phones, D-link stitches or Microsoft Office suites (couldn't live without that!!)

Just because there is a further 10% off does not mean they will be the cheapest on the web - be sure to price compare the item before committing to a purchase - but you might be able to find some bargains here!

There is also 3.15% buckscoop cashback, which helps a little!!

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  • nod
    The 10% deals at HT can be good but you do need to be careful of your prices. If the prices are tight and you want to calculate your cashback then be sure to do it on the price -GST

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