Boxing Day Australia Sales 2018

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Updated: Jan 31, 2018

What is Boxing Day?

Aside from being the day we all eat copious amounts of Christmas leftovers and tinker with Santa's offerings, Boxing Day is a shopping holiday that many Aussies wait the whole year for. Like Black Friday in the US, Australia's Boxing Day Sales are a retail extravaganza, where doors open early, prices are slashed, and people shop 'till they drop! If you've ever braved Myer's Boxing Day sale, you'll know that queuing through the night and stampedes actually happen - for real! For that reason, we're firm supporters of grabbing a cuppa, and shopping up a storm online without leaving the couch. Because seriously, who wants to move for a few days after Christmas lunch anyway?

What is the Origin of Boxing Day?

Beats us! But What we do know is that back in the day it was a time when people in need were gifted a "Christmas Box" to give them a helping hand when they needed it most. Does "St Stephen's Day", or "The Feast of Stephen" ring any bells? That event also falls on the 26th of December, and is known as a celebration of a Christian martyr. Both Boxing Day and St Stephens Day are days of giving, hunting, horse racing - and nowadays, shopping!

When is Boxing Day?

Boxing Day falls on the day after Christmas every year. This year it will land on Tuesday 26th December and that is when the shop-a-thon kicks off! You will find country-wide bargains, the likes of which are rarely seen throughout the year. There are flash sales, and there are week-long sales; it's not out of the ordinary to hear the Boxing Day sales referred to as "Boxing Week,"in fact. We love a great deal, and we love a bit of the ol' Christmas spirit too. So, stick with us Buckscoopers, we'll make sure you don't miss a thing!