Rules and regulations

We expect all members to abide by the Buckscoop Board Rules, by joining our community you agree to follow the Code of Conduct set out below from the moment you register or comment. It applies to the website as a whole, across the board in all threads, messages and posts.

Please remember also, this is a family forum accessible to anyone of any age whether a member or not. For their own protection, images of minors or members children, may be deleted if posted anywhere in the forums.

Note: Private Messages or PM's are 'Private' and should not be posted in the forum without the sender's consent.

Privacy Statement

As a member, you are fully responsible for your posts. If you change your mind about a post you've made on the forum, you are able to delete it. You're also in control of the email address stored, and can amend this at any time. We advise members not to use their real name as their username. Think carefully when picking your username, we can't change it once you've activated your account unless it poses a security risk. We will never share your email address with a third party.

I. User Names and Avatars:

Behind every participating user name is a real person, please respect their orientation in life and opinions at all times.

  • Choose a user name and avatar that is inoffensive. If a user name or avatar is found to be offensive it will be removed without warning.
  • Members selecting a name to impersonate another user will receive a permanent ban without warning.
  • Members creating multiple user names without a prior agreement with Admin or Moderators will be permanently banned from the site.
  • Never post third party information considered as personal or private without the other member's consent.

II. Spamming:

We have a very low tolerance to spam here. Anything that is deemed to be so (crap marketing style 'deals') will be removed with immediate effect and the spammer banned at the discretion of Admin and Moderators.

  • Empty messages or replies invisible by font and background colour being the same, quotes with no new content or reasonable meaning and repetitive questions, pictures or inane words is spam.
  • Self promotion of businesses and anyone involved with them, including affiliate networks, marketing companies, SEO, PR etc, survey threads, charity request threads made without prior permission, auction / marketplace sites (with the exception of those sellers approved by HUKD), personal sales elsewhere, links to personal websites, requests for referrals, referral links, third party affiliate links, advertising for personal gain and displaying of e-mail address in the forums is spam.
  • Duplicate threads will be deleted at the discretion of moderators if already posted within the last month. Please use the advanced search to avoid this scenario.

III. Trolling, Trolls:

  • Trolls are people who for no reason want to disrupt a forum topic by constantly posting out of context posts, derogatory comments, throwing insults, making personal attacks and deliberately inciting a negative response from other members. This is called trolling; in public forums and won't be tolerated here.
  • Users or groups of users who continue to attack other members because of their views and opinions, attempting to beat them down or demean them, will have posts deleted and may be banned.

IV. Racism, Religion, Sexuality:

Attacks on a person's faith, race, colour, sexual preference will not be tolerated and will be dealt with at the discretion of Admin and Moderators without prior warning to the offenders.

  • A person's religious, sexual, political or any other orientation in life should be respected at all times.
  • Any replies or discussion on these topics, should only be posted in the Miscellaneous forum and must remain respectful and constructive.

V. Deal Voting:

  • When voting on the temperature of a deal, please do so fairly.
  • We request that cold voters leave a reason for doing so. By leaving constructive criticism, it will help your fellow members improve their posts in the future.

VI. Forum Expectations:

A valid e-mail address should be available in your profile at all times to provide us with a means of contact should the need arise. We will never sell or share your email address to third parties. Posting the same messages or threads in more than one forum isn't necessary, please make sure you choose the correct forum before posting your deal or topic and post just one of it. We reserve the right to delete any deals, messages, posts, profile locations or other at any time and at our discretion, we will always try to communicate with the poster where possible. When making a post or creating a new topic and thread, please think before you click on the "submit" button. The last thing we want to see is a reply turning a discussion in to an over exaggerated argument. These rules and the Code of Conduct can be changed or updated at any time, please check them regularly.