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WOMOW: Rate 20 Small Businesses, Get $20 free Caltex Starcash

Posted By: Brad, posted 2008/11/02 17:13
"Within 10 days of joining WOMOW, rate 20 small Australian businesses you've used recently, and we'll send you a $20 Caltex Fuel Voucher."

Some terms apply.

Sorry... Wrong link It will say it is over but it is not! lick here http://www.womow.com.au/promotwenty20services/
- JoshHoward
  • queenshrew2008/11/02 20:50:36
    Nice one, Brad! :D
  • JoshHoward2008/11/03 16:52:27
    This is great especially with all the fuel price ups and downs! :)
  • fairybelle2008/12/18 14:36:14
    Hey did anyone ever recieve a voucher for this?
  • missbee792008/12/18 17:21:14
    I got one fairybelle :)
  • JoshHoward2008/12/18 20:16:52
    hmmm I don't Know... Also welcome to buckscoop MissBee
  • JoshHoward2008/12/18 20:18:20
    Actually The link is expired click here! http://www.womow.com.au/promotwenty20services/
  • fairybelle2008/12/18 20:55:50
    well i signed up and rated 22 places and didnt get jack!
  • JoshHoward2008/12/18 21:00:39
    Well It does take a lot of time not as easy as i thoight it would be...Did you sign up using the offer? If Not you won't get nothing!
  • missbee792008/12/18 23:39:55
    Thanks for the welcome Josh :) Fairybelle,you had to read the fine print carefully on that one.They mentioned you had to email them once you'd completed your ratings to let them know to send the voucher out.I think alot of ppl missed out cos of that:(
  • fairybelle2008/12/19 02:22:32
    Oh.... yes i didnt read that part... fair enough... thanks for that
  • Grinner2008/12/19 10:17:29
    I got a voucher from them but I emailed them when I'd rated the amount. They sent me out one :)

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