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WhitePages/Sensis - Free Magnifying Aid

Posted By: Rebekah76, posted 2011/09/29 01:01
For those struggling to read the new smaller White Pages directories... contact Sensis and ask for a free magnifying aid...

Anyone can order a magnifying aid free of charge by calling 1800 625 944, Monday-Friday 8am-8pm eastern standard time or sending your name and address (including state and postcode) to email@sensis.com.au. Please allow 4-5 weeks from the time you order to receive your magnifier.
  • craftykiwi2011/10/17 09:33:38
    Thanks - hubby's eyes aren't as good as they used to be.
  • Rebekah762011/10/17 11:17:01
    I am totally baffled by the whole small print thing.. they say they did their research, but everyone over a certain age that I've spoken to is grumbling about the size of the print.

    Everyone under a certain age rarely ever looks in the phonebook as they check it out on the net. The fact that they had to provide a magnifying aid makes me giggle - would be interesting to know how many magnifying aids they had to provide and whether it has cost them more than they saved by going smaller.

    personally, I prefer the smaller version as it is less paper and I rarely use it anyway.. but give me 5 years...
  • haaromi2011/12/18 21:11:48
    Please click the Orange tab in the main post ( Go To Deal ) to receive this offer ;)
  • maura342013/02/27 08:45:35
    First time I have tried to use this version of the Yellow/white pages and I cant see a thing. And your orange tab does not take me to a site where I can order your magnifier.
    **Address details removed ****

    Edited By: Donkey on 2013/02/27 17:51:53: Sensitive
  • Donkey2013/02/27 17:51:14
    This deal was from 2011. Its well and truly expired.

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