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White Glo freebie sample pack for the first 50 people each day

Posted By: Donkey, posted 2010/09/20 20:43
You need to be in the first 50 people to register each day. Little bit dodgy in their description of when 'each day' starts - ie they dont say anything, but I'd assume a new day begins at the normal time of 12.00am unless its a working day.

Offered in the sample pack is some white glow professional choice toothpaste, a white glow anti stain toothbrush and some dental flosser toothpicks.

If your not in the first 50 they enter you into a comp to win three months worth of white glow goodies.
  • kazyazy2010/09/21 02:29:10
    Your free trial pack will arrive in the next 3-12 working days. Remember to use the following promo code to immediately access an 10% discount on ALL White Glo product purchased through the website: WGMD10%
  • Donkey2010/09/21 05:03:01
    Anything about when the 'day' starts kazyazy ?
  • kazyazy2010/09/21 15:07:15
    No nothing about the time the day starts Donkey
  • dandan2010/09/29 21:49:22
    got mine today!
  • completebogan2011/05/02 15:54:53
    White glo samples through newidea not sure if any different http://www.whiteglo.com/newidea

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