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Two FREE Nescafé Coffee samples

Posted By: Brad, posted 2008/06/27 22:21
Simply enter your details to receive two free Nescafé coffee samples.
Available samples:

Thanks to Rhys.
  • Brad2008/06/27 22:27:22
  • golfwidow2008/06/28 08:17:10
    Yummy. Thanks :)
  • salehunter2008/07/01 12:24:49
    I have ordered my free coffee
  • craftykiwi2008/07/10 13:46:52
    Ours arrived today- thanks.
  • MamaK2008/07/11 09:44:18
    got mine too thanks :)
  • jenniet2008/07/11 13:53:16
    Mine arrived yesterday - Mocha and Latte! Yet to try but they sound yummy! Thanks
  • craftykiwi2008/07/11 18:03:45
    Hubby loved ours - didn't even make it much past opening the envelope before he had his first one. Someone noticed in the details online you can actually order again if you like them - I think they said once every week - if you're in the mood.
  • Brad2008/07/11 18:43:15
    Thats right Crafty, the terms say
    one sample pack per person per week.


    With a total of 200,000 sample packs to give away.
  • kylierobbo2008/07/11 19:20:25
    I got mine yesterday too.
  • nlafanclub2008/07/12 04:42:36
    Received mine, too - I like the Nescafe samples - they're always good :)
  • missysonia2008/07/13 14:02:41
    i havent gotten mine yet- how long does it take 2 cum?
  • Brad2008/07/13 16:05:16
    Its states 10 working days on the website missysonia :)
  • missysonia2008/07/16 19:35:32
    thnx 4 answerin brad
    i still havent gotten mine yet nd its been ova 10 wrkn day has this happened 2 anyone else?
  • lilpretzel2008/07/16 20:00:38
    Received mine when I was away, Miss 15 loved them.

  • craftykiwi2008/07/17 07:21:57
    Ours came very quickly so much so that couldn't order any more last week as it said I had already done it for that week. Not sure exactly how long it took but I guess about 5 - 7 days for us here in Vic. Guess it depends on where you live like all things sent by Aus Post.
  • craftykiwi2008/07/17 07:26:32
    Reminded me to try and order another lot but still coming up with the same message that I have already ordered some this week. Definitely not true since have only ordered one lot so far and that was at least 10 days ago (according to my post on here) so must be a bug in their system.
  • admin2008/07/17 09:17:50
    try going into your browser preferences > cookies and deleting all the cookies for spillthebeans - that may be where its storing whether you've ordered for the week or not crafty.
  • craftykiwi2008/07/17 13:03:32
    Thanks admin - tried that but it didn't help. It's the email address that seems to be the problem and it's quite possible you can't order more than one even though they say you can - put my son's in and it worked fine.
  • nlafanclub2008/07/17 21:24:15
    Thanks admin - tried that but it didn't help. It's the email address that seems to be the problem and it's quite possible you can't order more than one even though they say you can - put my son's in and it worked fine.

    I had the same problem when I tried again a good couple of weeks after the first time. I put in my work email the second time &, like crafty, had no problem.

    mmmmmmmm... coffeeee... :cool:
  • stevehl2008/07/17 21:57:49
    got mine too ! quick delivery
  • jenniet2008/07/22 21:11:03
    I received my second sample today. Although I did use my partner's name for the second sample. Will try again and see if they will send more. Tried the Mocha and it's very yummy..... I don't normally like instant coffee either.
  • becm2008/07/28 13:41:37
    Waiting now on samples can't wait
  • winniblu2008/07/28 14:00:32
    I am still waiting for my first lot....hmmmmm

    its rigged me tells ya!
  • loulou2008/07/28 14:29:57
    Thanks for the post, have just ordered mine, and am waiting ... waiting ... waiting. Has it been 10 days yet. Nooooooooo, only 10 minutes.
    Hurry up Australia Post - I love coffee!
  • Hooky2008/07/29 21:40:42
    Received mine today. :)
    Thanks for the link Brad. :)

  • winniblu2008/07/30 00:54:37
    At Last :)

  • robynburnett2008/07/30 06:44:03
    Thankss Brad received mine yummy ;)
  • MamaK2008/07/30 09:59:47
    got my second lot yesterday :)
  • Brad2008/07/30 22:10:04
    Got my second as well. Now for the third.. :D
  • craftykiwi2008/07/31 07:40:55
    Thats right Crafty, the terms say


    With a total of 200,000 sample packs to give away.

    Despite these terms I still can't reorder - have just tried to order another pack after 2 or more weeks since my first order and it still comes up with the message "you have already ordered this week" so the only way the site will accept a second order is with another email.
  • queenshrew2008/08/14 16:01:45
    Yumm! Mine came in yesterday's mail! Very happy....!!!

    Thanks for posting the deal, brad! :D
  • thanratt2008/08/15 23:22:26
    Just ordered my second samples.
  • lisss2008/08/17 14:48:24
    Hmmm mine never arrived, might try submitting again!! :eek:
  • winniblu2008/08/17 21:57:25
    ok I just ordered my 2nd lot....lets see how long this takes!
  • thanratt2008/08/26 22:11:34
    Just got my 2nd lot. Thanks again Brad. Deserves rep :)
  • winniblu2008/09/03 20:48:36
    I got my 2nd lot today

  • melissanj2008/09/04 08:55:31
    im now waiting on my third lot.....i fell selfish...but hey if they are offering.... ; )

    my fav is the mocha....latte is yuck without sugar...maybe thats just my sweet tooth talking lol
  • queenshrew2008/09/04 09:23:10
    I got a pack, and let my guests sample. They did complain that they wanted sugar in the latte. I put lots in and they drank it, guess it was edible lol
  • melissanj2008/09/23 12:57:46
    these are sooo good!! i just got another pack! and yes they are still going!
  • jsaldez2008/09/24 09:58:32
    thanks just ordered some ....hope to get them soon
  • thanratt2008/09/24 18:40:01
    Just got my 3rd lot. Thanks :)
  • Brad2008/11/23 21:37:06
    These are all gone now!
  • ljordan192008/11/24 14:57:34
    This was an awesome freebie!...Call me greedy, but I think I ended up getting about 9 or 10 sample lots!....

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