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TRUenergy - 8x free energy saving globes & 2 shower heads - SA only

Posted By: lisss, posted 2011/11/16 21:33
"At TRUenergy, we're offering residents of South Australia energy efficient light globes (to a maximum of 8) and water saving shower heads for their homes at no cost. And its so easy. Just arrange a time and we'll send a representative of TRUenergy to assess your home's fixtures, and if they can be upgraded, we'll install!

Make an Appointment today! call: 1800 813 660
So be quick and call us to make an appointment time that suits you.

Is there any other way we can help?
If you have any further questions about this complimentary light globe swap, simply call 1800 368 476 and we'll be happy to help.

If you have a current South Australian concession card or are part of TRUenergy's Hardship Assistance Program, you are eligible to receive a TRUenergy in-house energy audit. This involves a qualified energy auditor visiting your property to identify ways you can reduce your gas and electricity usage, which can save you money on energy bills. To find out more, please call us on 1800 368 476."

Fine Prints from the web page:
"1 Total savings of $210 are based on the cost of supplying and installing energy saving devices and the estimated energy savings made over 12 months by taking up this offer. Rounded down to the nearest ten dollar unit.
2 Saving calculation is based on the cost of 8 CFL globes and 1 low flow showerhead per house plus the installation charge of $55. Costs are calculated on a SA RRP of $4.99 per CFL globe and $61.60 per low flow showerhead. Excluding halogen downlights and fittings where CLF globes can not be fitted.

3 Energy savings are calculated on: replacing 8 standard globes (75W) with 8 CFL globes (18W) and using each globe for approximately 2 hours per day over a 12 month period. The rate used for the calculation is based on TRUenergys market offer rate as at 11/03/09 of 18.96 cents/kWh and is exclusive of any discounts. Price shown is rounded to the nearest $10 unit. All dollar amounts are inclusive of GST."
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