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The book depository - 11,000 freebie ebooks up for grabs

Posted By: Donkey, posted 2010/01/23 22:08
Not sure when they released this to the wider world but its not bad if you have a cracked kindle or ereader.

There wasnt a whole deal in there that got my interest but I didnt have a huge search through.
  • NoosieB2010/01/24 01:06:21
    Has anyone got a Kindle? Do you recommend them? I have thought about getting one, but wouldn't mind the prices going down a bit more before taking the plunge. Also, not 100% if that's the way to go. Just can't let go of holding a good ole fashioned paper book in my hand just yet.
  • timhill20002010/01/24 14:25:12
    I just got a Kindle over Christmas and finding it really good; so only restriction was having to buy US books but there are a few sites about how to get around it. Basically sign up account and select US for country and then get an IP block and its been working for me. But for non-technical that can be bit hard so that's only downside.

    Cost is like half normal books or more, i.e pay about $9US instead of $25 most times; you can also download to your computer and save delivery cost ($2US).

    Also, you don't need cracked Kindle to read those PDFs, you can send any PDFs to amazon and they convert for you for free.

    Cheers for link :)

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