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Swap your pillow for a free Tontine pillow

Posted By: mrsu83, posted 2011/10/13 02:13
This will be scary....

As mentioned bring in your old pillow and swap for a new one.

Available all over Australia

Correction: Available over select locations in Australia (except Tasmania, Brisbane and many other cities)
- stevehl
  • merissadavid2011/10/13 16:49:09
    A great offer, only that the link provided states NSW only - not sure about available all over Australia...???
  • ntowill2011/10/13 18:13:01
    It is Australia wide (except TAS & NT apparantly). See the link I put in my post under deals. I posted it in deals earlier rather than a freebie as you had to swap your old pillow for a new one - technically not free.....
  • queenshrew2011/10/13 22:13:54
    Ah yes, ntowill's post is here :flowers:
  • craftykiwi2011/10/17 09:26:19
    Picked ours up in Melbourne last week. A little on the thin side for our liking but still a bonus and fine for guests so more than happy.

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