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Steam - Freebie download of Alien Swarm

Posted By: Donkey, posted 2010/07/20 17:12
An older game but supposed to still be a goodie. Valve have opened it up for free as well as the SDK behind it (which is smart).

Not sure how long this is valid for so maybe grab it sooner rather than later if your looking. You need a PC to run it so dont bother if your on a low end system, linux or mac (unless your running in emulation)
  • Jazradel2010/07/20 20:59:27
    I thought this was a newer/remade version of the old mod?

    In any case, this is currently announced as free for ever. Might change in the future, but it's Valve so I doubt it.

    I suspect OS X and linux support is coming very soon since this is using the source engine.
  • Donkey2010/07/20 22:25:17
    You might be right on the currency of the version jazradel

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