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SilverJewelryClub.com FREE sterling silver jewerly, Pay US$ 8.99 Shipping

Posted By: raman, posted 2008/02/21 16:40
You can get exclusive sterling silver jewellery with genuine gemstones, FREE!

This web site is a promotion to introduce their company and gain exposure. You'll be delighted when you experience our unique line of jewellery. Get as many items as you like for free and come back for more there are no catches and no limits. And while you're there, don't forget to sign up to receive notice of more exclusive FREE offers in the future!

Be sure to visit their full jewellery catalog at Peora.com, where youll find hundreds of other elegant designs.
  • golfwidow2008/02/21 18:50:17
    I have used this site many times. Never had any problems and the jewellery is quite good :)
  • jayne2008/02/22 09:53:19
    Just to confirm, it's $8.99 per item, yes?
  • lilpretzel2008/02/22 13:39:40
    Great find + they have a affiliate program so will get nod to check it out.

  • golfwidow2008/02/22 15:20:38
    Just to confirm, it's $8.99 per item, yes?

    Its 8.99 US dollars so it converts to a little over $10 but depends on the rate for the day :)
  • jayne2008/02/22 22:58:13
    Some things are quite nice, thanks for the post raman and the extra info golfwidow :D
  • Keeys2008/04/04 01:02:16
    I was wondering how nod was going looking into their program?
  • golfwidow2008/04/04 10:21:21
    Good thinking Keeys. I buy from this site a bit so would be great to see if they want to join Buckscoop :)
  • nod2008/04/17 20:13:50
    And now with cashback
  • khaz0r2008/04/18 21:39:18
    This offer is awesome! Just grabbed my missus a nice pendant, any of you know how long shipping usually is?
  • nod2008/04/18 23:00:09
    Welcome to Buckscoop Khaz0r :flowers:

    I have not ordered from them before but I think Keeys can help you out there :)
  • khaz0r2008/04/19 08:33:27
    Thanks nod =] I'll wait for his response then
  • khaz0r2008/04/28 10:19:19
    To answer my own question on how long shipping is, they sent me an email informing that the product will ship anywhere between 6 - 30 business days for international shipping.
  • thedreamer812008/04/29 23:30:17
    Hey :)
    I ordered from them and brought my sister 2 pairs of earrings for her birthday, it came quite quickly (about 10 working days) and she wears them so that's a good sign ;)
  • admin2008/04/30 08:31:00
    and she wears them so that's a good sign

    :D :D - I reckon.
  • sab9882008/04/30 09:56:41
    10 working days is ok for delivery :cool:

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