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SIGN UP to Australia Post SEND ME for Free Samples

Posted By: craftykiwi, posted 2010/02/27 07:11
Send Me is a service provided by Australia Post. The service enables you to select free samples, offers or information from advertisers via an SMS sent from your mobile phone or via this Send Me website.

You need to register but fortunately they only require the basic of details - not too invasive.

The last freebie was a packet of Jelly beans but just expired - sorry.
Need to check back regularly and then just click on product for it to be sent to you. Alternatively can do it from your phone SMS.
  • craftykiwi2010/03/01 15:36:51
    Was told my free jellybeans will be here in a couple of days. Will let you know when they arrive and how big.
  • VegasBlue2010/03/05 09:36:27
    This one was literally closed down within minutes!
  • craftykiwi2010/03/05 14:54:10
    I had no problems but it was limited to first 1000 people so guess it doesn't take long for that to go with the internet and word of mouth.
  • spodosaurus2010/03/05 18:02:36
    Still haven't received mine yet :(
  • craftykiwi2010/03/08 07:52:46
    Mine was supposed to arrive end of last week but maybe the public holiday here in Victoria (and long weekend) has slowed things down.
  • craftykiwi2010/03/08 13:17:47
    This one has been expired too yet no end date posted or on the website. It's an ongoing deal.
  • sofetch2010/03/09 00:18:52
    i received my jellybeans on monday nomnomnom!
  • craftykiwi2010/03/09 10:40:29
    Mine arrived this morning - kids will be happy. Taking into account the long weekend with the public holiday yesterday pretty quick service.
    Will try to keep the forum posted of the next free offer.
  • spodosaurus2010/03/16 19:41:05
    never recieved mine :(
  • craftykiwi2010/03/17 06:42:00
    Maybe the postie kept them and enjoyed a wee pick-me-up on his travels! They were in clear plastic so easy to see what they were.
  • nvox2010/06/01 14:49:52
    Don't know how long it will last but they have free jelly beans again
  • swissmiss2010/06/01 19:12:43
    Thanks for the update. I was too late for the first round, so hopefully I'll be successful this time!
  • nvox2010/06/03 14:27:55
    Just had another look and the Jelly Bean offer has Expired.
    Now just have to wait and see if the Jelly Beans arrive, I missed out on the last lot as well.
  • sparrow2010/06/08 14:07:59
    Jelly Beans here today. That was quick.:)
  • nvox2010/06/08 14:31:11
    Yep mine arrived today as well. :)
  • swissmiss2010/06/08 20:12:43
    Got mine as well!!!
  • ljordan192010/06/09 10:12:38
    got mine yesterday!..Seems it worked a little better for them this time round! :-)
  • nvox2010/06/16 17:40:00
    New Offer, for some reason doesn't show up on main page you have to click "List all offers"

    free sample of Pantene 3 Minute Miracle

    You've styled, straightened, curled, teased, coloured. Enough with the damage!
    It's time your hair experienced a little TLC. So Pantene is offering you a free sample of our 3 Minute Miracle to help you undo all those months of hair torture. Our 3 Minute Miracle can transform dull, dry, brittle locks into stronger, shinier, more beautiful hair in just 3 minutes. It can even prevent future damage.

    Offer limited to one per registrant, limited to first 5,000 valid requests.

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