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Radiohead Live Concert Free - By Fans For Fans

Posted By: taskel, posted 2010/09/07 10:58
At a Radiohead gig at Prauge's Výstavitě Holeovice Exhibition Hall on August 23, 2009, more than 50 fans collaborated to shoot in-the-crowd footage on Flip phones. The video was assembled and edited to make a concert film called Live in Praha, and then Radiohead themselves gave the Czech fans behind the concert film their own audio masters from the show, according to the Live in Praha site and confirmed by a representative from the band.

Download or stream the entire 25-track set, in formats ranging from DVD quality on down, for free. The videos actually turn out really well!

01. 15 Step
02. There There
03. Weird Fishes/Arpeggi
04. All I Need
05. Lucky
06. Nude
07. Morning Bell
08. 2+2=5
09. A Wolf At The Door
10. Videotape
11. (Nice Dream)
12. The Gloaming
13. Reckoner
14. Exit Music (For A Film)
15. Bangers and Mash
16. Bodysnatchers
17. Idioteque
18. Pyramid Song
19. These Are My Twisted Words
20. Airbag
21. The National Anthem
22. How To Disappear Completely
23. The Bends
24. True Love Waits
25. Everything In Its Right Place
  • markrees2010/09/07 18:16:39
    This Is Not A Freebie..

    And The Last Time I Announced This, My Posting Was Removed...
  • Donkey2010/09/07 19:17:50
    Yep - removed for a reason. Unless I'm totally stupid the words "STRICTLY NOT FOR SALE – BY THE FANS FOR THE FANS PLEASE SHARE AND ENJOY" would mean that its a freebie.
  • johnrees2010/09/07 19:34:30
    Donkey-Your obviously not a fan of radiohead and have not gone through the complete process.

    You cannot download this for free.

    It is not a freebie when you have to pay for a sign up period.
  • Donkey2010/09/07 20:03:59
    Ah finally you contribute something of value. Thanks

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