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Parramatta Residents or Businesses - Earn Free Credits to be used at GoGet Car Sharing

Posted By: craftykiwi, posted 2008/07/16 16:02
Mentioned this under'Off On A Tangent' but thought I should post it here too. (Just a pity I don't live or work there myself!)

Special Offer in Parramatta!!

Congratulations to all our lucky Paramatta members. Here is a fantastic opportunity for you.

You may be entitled to earn up to $500 in driving credits by doing a short, simple survey. All you need to qualify is to be a resident or a business in the Parramatta Local Government Area.

So heres how it works. Just fill in the survey for residents or businesses in Parramatta, then return it to:

Nancy Hermoso

Parramatta City Council

PO Box 32

Parramatta NSW 2124.


You can also drop it in to Parramatta Council at:
30 Darcy Street, Parramatta, NSW, 2150

You will be rewarded for your input with a $100 driving credit to be used in 30 days. You can re-submit this survey up to five times this year to get up to $500 in credit! This offer is not limited to existing GoGet members so you can tell your friends, family, colleagues pretty much whoever you like! Spread the word, it's a great opportunity to test out carsharing. Perhaps you'll even be able to get rid of that expensive second car (or even that first one).

Sounds too good to be true? Well, it isnt!

You just need to be a resident or a business operating within the area governed by Parramatta council and should be able to provide either a utilities bill, lease agreement, business letterhead and even a business card.

We are running this special offer only for a short time so complete the survey today!

Can't see an expiry date but sounds like a good deal.
  • dealhunter082008/07/17 08:35:27
    awesome! im a parramatta resident :D
  • admin2008/07/17 09:15:08
    I'll give you a hot crafty. Good deal

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