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Ozstock: 4x STRAP AWAY Bra Strap Clips (Pickup FREE or $3.98 delivered) - Today Only

Posted By: vipulrm, posted 2010/01/23 11:34
This simple and yet innovative fashion accessory set contains four fully detachable and reusable bra strap clips. This accessory will transform any normal bra into a cross back style bra without riding up your back. It helps to hide unsightly bra straps and stops straps from falling, making wearing all kinds of dresses so easy. It also helps to improve your posture. It can be used with any bra (thick or thin) and is not noticeable under tight fitting thin layered tops. Great for evereyday use and while sporting.

And yes, it's FREE, today only from Ozstock, you just pay for the postage and handling as usual!

AND, pickup is ok (FREE) but the following conditions do apply:

(1) You must reserve your order online and bring the Order ID with you (just ignore the payment part in checkout)
(2) One item only per pickup customer
(3) You must pick up your order within 3 working days


* Strap Away: The excellent bra strap solution
* Simply pull your straps back and allow the Strap Away clip to redistribute the weight from your chest and improve your posture
* Makes wearing all kinds of dresses an easy task - a must have fashion accessory for women of all ages
* You'll look and feel as though you have a lift
* You'll even look a few lbs lighter and one cup size larger
* This product is for women of all ages and sizes who want confidence and comfort
* No more annoying falling bra straps


* Colour: Transparent, Black, Milky White (subject to change without notice, random selection)

Package Includes:

* 1 x Black bra strap clip
* 1 x Milky white bra strap clip
* 2 x Transparent bra strap clip

(in one retail packaging)


* Immediate dispatch or pickup!
Expiry date:2010/01/23
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