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ozrecycle.com - Free pianos!

Posted By: ninkasi, posted 2011/01/31 12:48
After seeing the post about freeple, realised that I hadn't seen mention of ozrecycle. It's about three or four years old but not as well known as the US freecycle group. On the other hand it's Australian only and there is a fair amount of stuff on offer for free to whoever wants to pick it up - anything from soil to teddies to building material.... even pianos (two currently are on offer in nsw, including a 1917 Steck). Yes the pianos probably need tuning and possibly some other work, but someone with 'handy person' skills would probably be able to at least get them to make enough noise to make kids happy.

Basically the site has stuff that people can't be bothered selling on the Trading Post or eBay, so it would otherwise go onto the nature strip on the next hard rubbish collection, but the current owners feel that it would be a shame to throw it out so are offering it up to whoever wants it.

It's a good place to get, for example, building supplies - builders frequently offer up sand, rocks or bricks left over from building a house/doing a renovation - as they don't need the leftovers and would otherwise have to pay to clear the site. These can be used to lay a path or build a barbecue...

Oooohhhh - just noticed someone nearby is demolishing their house and is giving away all their established roses and camellias....
  • ninkasi2011/01/31 13:58:49
    You know, it's not cheap at all to restore a piano, as it can be around the same price as buying a new one, but the Steck could be worth it if it's not too far gone. In these days of digital pianos that don't require tuning, I hope it finds a good home....
  • Donkey2011/01/31 20:07:45
    More detail on steck.

    Might be worth checking this more closely. Some of the Steck piano's are worth a bit of money. A 1922 baby grand was reportedly worth up to $45,000 US.
  • ninkasi2011/02/01 10:07:28
    Yep, and sometimes you find a picasso in the garage sale :D , but I'd have to assume it's one of the standard jobs. As it would have been made after it was taken over by the player piano mob it's not quite as interesting from a historical perspective, but the name was used by them to indicate a higher quality instrument and they did make some pretty good pianos - but even if it's a basic one it would still be a very solid piano, assuming it hasn't been attacked by woodworm and all the other sorts of issues anything made of wood can be subjected to over 100 years. Still, worse case (excluding being riddled by woodworm), it might be upwards of $5k to fully restore [could be more, more likely to be less] and then you'd have a really good piano....

    Having a piano moved professionally would be around the $300 mark (more or less - depending on how far it's going), so you'd need to figure that into the cost as well as tuning (about $150 - although the Stecks I believe do hold their tune pretty well, they still need servicing).

    If I lived in nsw, though, I'd defnitely consider hiring a truck and getting a couple of mates to help me pick it up sight unseen. Worse case I'd end up with a piano that the kids could play with for the cost of hiring the truck (rental places like Hertz frequently do discounts mid week) and some beer (for my mates).

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