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Ouffer: 6 Weeks Quickflix movie rentals for free (normally $44.99)

Posted By: ninkasi, posted 2011/01/27 07:39
You can get a free 2 week trial with Quickflix normally, but with this offer it's extended by another 4 weeks. I used a similar service from Bigpond and found it t be very good - would have to assume this is similar. Info from Ouffer follows:

"Ah, Video and DVD shops ye shall be remembered fondly. Such ancient relics of a bygone era have completely given way to a more modern and trendy method of getting movies into your living room: renting them online and having them sent to your home!

With our friends at Quickflix, all you have to do is jump online, choose the movies that you want to watch, and then wait for them to arrive at your door. It seriously couldnt be easier! The company normally offers a two week free trial, but as a special favour to our members theyre giving an entire additional month to fall in love with their service absolutely free!

But alas, alack! we hear you cry, What about the postage costs? And the horrible late fees Im always charged?

Pure and simple: they dont exist.

In fact, Quickflix guarantees the service will never have postage fees and late fees. Which means you can send your movies back to Quickflix only when you well and truly feel like it! So if youre desperate to show Grandma Betsy the copy of Saw 3D that you borrowed from Quickflix, and you know shes not going to be in town until next weekend, then simply hang on to the DVD until she can come over and watch it with you!

Quickflix has a library of over 43,000 movie titles and TV show DVDs to choose from, and you can peruse the full library online or on your mobile phone. If you enjoy your time with Quickflix after 6 weeks (and were sure you will), you can choose to become a member after your free trial expires. But if not, you can simply cancel your trial and you wont pay a thing!"
Expiry date:2011/01/31
  • Donkey2011/01/27 09:00:36
    When I tried a similar service about 7 years ago it wasnt bad. But that was before the days of online rental.... which I gotta say - makes a whole lot more sense. 6 weeks is a good find ninkasi - 2 weeks is normal, 4 with voucher and 6 pretty rarely - hot from me.
  • ninkasi2011/01/27 12:22:17
    Yeah - not too bad. I will say that when I was with Bigpond it cost $10 a month for four DVDs or blu-rays, but that was a special for bigpond members (at the time I had a wireless broadband evdo card of all things)....

    With these guys the cheapest plan is $12 a month ($10 plus an extra $2 if you want to be able to get blu-rays) for four discs per month, but you can only have one disc out at any one time..... can't say I like that concept as much as sometimes discs can get lost in transit so until that's sorted out you'd end up with nothing plus with a couple of discs at least you have some choice as to which to watch when....

    I suspect that bigpond may still be better at $10 a month (ok, $9.95.... whatever :)) for only three discs a month but can have two out at one time and I'm fairly sure that includes blu-rays. Not saying don't take advantage of this offer, though.... :D
  • ninkasi2011/01/27 12:28:40
    ... that was before the days of online rental.... which I gotta say - makes a whole lot more sense....

    Oh - I would note that online rental does make sense *unless* you are on an internet plan where streaming video will eat into your quota. In addition, generally at best you might get 720p from an online service, and that will have compression artefacts etc that may not be obvious on a smaller screen but if you have a large screen (50 inch or bigger - or in my case a full HD projector with a screen that's 3 metres wide - but I'm not bragging, honest :D ) then you may notice 'em in which case a physical blu-ray is the way to go....
  • Donkey2011/01/27 18:40:28
    Yea - the idiotic fixation Aus telco's have with quotas puts a lid on download movies. I've not really tried streaming - was meaning more itunes movie download or the like.

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