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Offset 1 Pound of Carbon per click - FREE race to stop global warming

Posted By: lisss, posted 2007/11/20 07:23
Click the "Offset 1 Pound of Carbon" button every day to remove a pound of CO2 from the atmosphere. Care2 will then make a donation to pay for the removal.
  • nod2007/11/21 00:47:30
    I give that a hot vote for the sentiment behind it :)

    How the offset works: Contributions are funded by sponsors who have agreed to pay to be featured on the Race. If during a period there are no paying sponsors, Care2 has guaranteed to make a donation of at least $1.70 for every 1000 clicks on the Race to offset racers' greenhouse gas emissions. No matter what, every time you click, (up to once per day) you will be offsetting one pound of CO2.

    About Care2.com: With more than 7 million members, Care2.com is the first and largest online community for people who "Care2 make a difference" through their everyday web usage. Care2.com provides a wide range of resources for learning about the environment and offers free e-cards, e-mail, social networking, opportunities for online activism, web search and news services. Simply by using Care2.com's free services, you generate donations, paid by advertising sponsors, to environmental causes. Care2.com donates 5% of its website revenues to social causes, providing another simple, yet effective way for its members to help the planet

    Although $1.70 per 1000 clicks is not a lot at all
    And this may be the cynicical but basically this is PPC. I suspect that not all the cash from your click through is going to charity

    But even if is is a proportion it is better than nothing

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