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New metamucil 2 week challenge

Posted By: completebogan, posted 2010/04/04 21:41
This offer was previously posted however needed to be redeemed at a priceline pharmacy.


This deal is now available online, delivered straight to your home.
  • fairybelle2010/04/04 22:24:17
    This is much better, because I never go to priceline...
    Thanks for the post...
  • lisss2010/04/05 00:37:32
    The submit button is not working for me... did it work for anyone else?
  • nizora2010/04/05 10:48:22
    The submit button is not working for me... did it work for anyone else?

    NO, it does not work for me either!!!
  • nvox2010/04/05 12:35:12
    I managed to submit my details via firefox last night, it went to a page saying I will be sent sms and then go to priceline pharmacy.
    But I haven't received a sms from them or email so not sure if the form worked correctly.
  • lisss2010/04/08 18:22:33
    Submit button has been fixed but yes if you look at the 'about the challenge' page here: Metamucil - BrightSide Challenge

    it says (1) register online (2) get code (3) Priceline pharmacy....

    so you do actually need to go in to Priceline and then you might also get advertising messages by sms later. Not a fan of this one anymore :(
  • mark812010/04/12 13:04:08
    cannot get it delivered. You need to go to Priceline

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