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NASA - Free space shuttle engines - Just pay postage

Posted By: ninkasi, posted 2010/01/31 23:37
Valued at between $400,000 and $800,000 ($USD), you can now get one of these 3 tonne monsters for free. OK they aren't new, but the price is fair. Nothing. Nada. Just have to pay for shipping and handling. Which admittedly might be high...

The (three) main engines provide thrust which accelerates the Shuttle from 4,828 kilometers per hour (3,000 mph) to over 27,358 kilometers per hour (17,000 mph) in just six minutes to reach orbit. They create a combined maximum thrust of more than 1.2 million pounds.

So, would make a nice garden ornament. Or coffee table. Or strap it to the back of a ute and see how fast it can go... the choice is yours.

See also here: http://www.nytimes.com/2010/01/17/science/space/17nasa.html
Expiry date:2010/02/19
  • modtang2010/02/01 11:54:23
    Bargain! I'm ordering two as we speak. ;)
  • frogduck2010/02/01 12:03:50
    Assembly will be required, however.

    Aww :( I'd get one if I didnt have to put it together
  • sparrow2010/02/01 12:31:35
    Wonder if the neighbours mind if I borrow some of their yard to store it in, our yard might not fit it in.:rolleyes:
  • hatoo2010/02/01 13:59:35
    heh. My neighbour complained to council when we installed a 1.8m satellite dish even though we are legally allowed one of that size, so would loooooooooove one of these in my backyard just to see what the he would do then. :whistling:
  • NoosieB2010/02/01 14:26:36
    Love it.
    My neighbour complained to the council too, about the noise of our airconditioner, which was positioned down the side of the house, facing onto one of his 2 spare bedrooms that never get used.
    I would LOVE to get one of these babies. Start it up and blast that engine sending him somewhere far far away, say the outer rim of the universe.
    Probably can't afford the postage, so Ho Hum, guess I can only dream of doing such a thing.
  • sparrow2010/02/01 14:36:21
    Hey, anyone have any free postage codes for this one?:p

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