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Movie trial freebie from BigPond

Posted By: mouldgirl, posted 2007/01/22 13:45
Kinda along the lines of Quikflix. I took up there 2 weeks free trial and really liked it.
And I am definitely going to take up this offer
Hope you enjoy it
"Experience the convenience of BigPond Movies with a ONE MONTH free trial* of our 10 Movies Per Month plan. Rent up to 10 DVDs FOR FREE! With your favourite DVDs delivered straight to your door, you will discover how easy it is to always enjoy a big night of entertainment."

***Please see comments below for the cashback link - you will need to login
BigPond Movies are a Buckscoop merchant and they offer $5 cashback***

Edited by Nod
  • nod2007/01/23 08:25:22
    Thanks for the post Mouldgirl

    I have edited your post so that people can see the link to take them thru Buckscoop to ensure they get their $5 cashback


  • jumpingjack2007/01/24 08:28:36
    Can you do both this and Quikflix?
  • nod2007/01/24 09:12:12
    I don't see why not.. just keep it quiet ;)
  • admin2007/02/15 11:42:22
    1 month is a good trial as opposed to 2 weeks on Quickflix. But then might as well take both
  • Brad2007/04/30 20:37:38
    Everyone - thought I'd bump this as it's now $7 cashback, and some might like to try this deal after having their Quikflix trial a few weeks ago.
  • pow umop apisdn2007/04/30 20:39:32
    That's a nice bump :) Hehe
  • nod2007/04/30 23:04:57
    :D great spot Brad

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