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Mother And Baby - Fill In A Quick Survey To Get $30 Free Glass Sample Pack

Posted By: taskel, posted 2009/06/15 09:39
What you think about glass packaging?

Just take a few minutes to fill out a survey and you'll be sent a glass sample pack for free.

O-I is giving away 4000 packs, each worth $30
Expiry date:2009/06/30
  • lilpretzel2009/06/15 11:25:09
    Please tell us in 25 words or less, "why glass packaging appeals to you?"*
  • melscott282009/06/15 12:41:46
    Great freebie

  • NoosieB2009/06/15 13:10:46
    Thanks taskel. Will wait and see what the freebie is like:)
  • fairybelle2009/08/04 14:40:49
    I recieved this today!... great quality.. two baby bottles with teats and a glass juice bottle and a glass jar...
  • lilpretzel2009/08/04 16:47:18
    Same here, great timing to go in the baby basket for a friend.

  • golfwidow2009/08/04 17:16:04
    Fantastic freebie! Was surprised to get it. Had forgotten all about it :)
  • ExoticFamiliarity2009/08/05 09:59:01
    Yeah I received this only yesterday, was really suprised at the good quality. Glad I could pass it along to my friend who is expecting!
  • melscott282009/08/05 11:26:09
    ooh i hope i get mine
  • melscott282009/08/06 14:49:00
    Got mine :D

    Love the packaging.

    Not sure why we got a glass jar without a lid :confused:
  • golfwidow2009/08/06 15:52:30
    :D I wondered the same thing. Not much you can do without a lid.
  • Rebekah762009/08/06 16:33:19
    got mine and it had been so long, I couldn't even remember what I did to get it!

    Agree - confusing about the jars with no lid, but hoping to use for a friend's pressie soon
  • fairybelle2009/08/07 16:44:33
    I was thinking that it was just the O-I glass people that were having the promotion and not the O-I closures. Maybe they should have some together to supply the cap too...
  • swissmiss2009/08/07 18:08:56
    A bit useless without the lids. Was thinking of writing to them about this.

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