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More OO vouchers

Posted By: hys, posted 2008/12/18 10:27
Hello all,

Here are some more $5 OO vouchers:

$5 M4A335D8E013 31-Dec-08
$5 M54933AE1108 31-Dec-08
$5 M5790CF3B015 31-Dec-08
$5 M6D90072D109 31-Dec-08
$5 M805B9C67004 31-Dec-08
$5 M86CEE9D3039 31-Dec-08
$5 M97A58E5C023 31-Dec-08
$5 M9F8184B2004 31-Dec-08
$5 M9FB64702000 31-Dec-08
$5 MA400F169104 31-Dec-08
$5 MA4BD49AE042 31-Dec-08
$5 MAEB28642010 31-Dec-08
$5 MBC6A120C014 31-Dec-08
$5 MD7916E21112 31-Dec-08
$5 MD96EF1E6038 31-Dec-08
$5 ME569AC3E033 31-Dec-08

Does anyone have a deals direct voucher they don't need? I'm looking to make a purchase from them soon.
  • familystone2008/12/19 07:01:28
    thanks for posting, can you please let me know how to claim the voucher? thks :xmas8:
  • sam2008/12/19 07:06:14
    and when these run out, let me know, i have a few too to give away!!!!
  • golfwidow2008/12/19 09:45:37
    thanks for posting, can you please let me know how to claim the voucher? thks :xmas8:

    Hi and [COLOR="Magenta"]WELCOME[/COLOR] familystone :xmas9:
    To use the code just copy and paste the code after $5 and before the expiry date.
    Add something to your basket at Oo and at the end when checking out it will have a section for coupons/discount codes.
    Just paste the code in this section and it should take $5 off the total.

    Hope this helps :)
  • familystone2008/12/19 11:10:23
    thank you golfwidow...also thanks for the warm welcome...been lurking around buckscoop for sometime..but was too shy to post..cheers :xmas9:
  • queenshrew2008/12/19 11:22:39
    Welcome to Buckscoop [COLOR="Purple"]familystone[/COLOR] :) I'm sure you'll love it here! :D

    Grats on your first post! :D
  • craftykiwi2008/12/19 20:52:44
    Welcome familystone and please note, if the voucher doesn't work try another one as someone may have beaten you to it and already used the code (each one can only be used once).
  • hys2008/12/25 18:54:17
    Have checked the vouchers and looks like between yesterday and today.. all the vouchers have been snapped up.
  • Brad2008/12/26 02:10:35
    With free shipping and a good cashback rate, it's hard to resist! :D

    Thanks for posting 'em hys :)
    Have marked expired now
  • voteoften2008/12/26 12:38:32
    Gave you some rep hys, very generous.
  • YvieK2008/12/28 18:14:01
    Hi Sam,

    Do you have any more $5 oo.com.au vouchers? I am looking to make a purchase before the free shipping ends tonight at midnight. Any help is greatly appreciated. Cheers!
  • Grinner2008/12/28 22:08:15
    Hey YvieK, I have a $5 voucher I don't need. Let me know if you still want one

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